About us

A different approach to web development and online marketing 

Our team began working together in the fall of 2002, with the main goal of offering complete online services (web development, programming, e-commerce, online marketing). At first, we targeted start ups and small businesses, having learnt how hard it is to start your own business.


2003 through 2006, we offered, almost exclusively, web development services, designing dozens of sites for various clients, but since we aimed much higher than just that, in 2006, we created the first universal online shop platform in Romania (Magasinosaurus Rex, today MRex). As one would expect, the idea generated a great response and many competitors emerged, trying to mirror our success. However, this didn’t put us off at all, the competition only made us work harder! Well…not necessarily harder, but definitely smarter ­čÖé So, after trying and succeeding in keeping us at the top of the e-commerce market for 3 years, we finally took the next step!


In 2010 we started collaborating with PinBud Intl (with its headquarters in Calgary, Canada) and we finally (officially, at least) went international! To up our game, we became certified Google Adwords partners. Through this collaboration, an agency of PinBud Intl was founded in Romania.


We currently have 4 permanent employees, who have remained the same since the foundation of the firm, and many other contributors.

  • Fair pricing

  • +15 years of experience

  • Comprehensive approach

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